Wellness – Little Word, BIG Meaning

When was the last time you felt on top of the world?     What did that look like for you?  Maybe you were at your ideal weight.  You had a regular exercise program.  You had time for your hobbies.  You were eating healthy.  You were spending time with the important people in your life.  You were in a job you enjoyed.  Everything seemed to be...

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Strengthening Your Mind-Body-Spirit Connection To Find Life Balance

Have you ever felt as though you are surviving through your daily life instead of living it? Do you find yourself yearning for balance in your life? Becoming aware of the mind-body-spirit connection is our most powerful tool in fostering life balance.  It is through this connection we find strength, love, inner peace, courage, wellness and can be...

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Feel Like You’ve Been Thrown To The Wolves?

How to make sure you are feeding the good one: I don’t mean feeding in the traditional sense. This type of feeding has nothing to do with nutrition, but everything to do with a diet that goes far beyond eating organic fruits and vegetables. I’m talking about your “other” diet. The diet that is more encompassing and involves what you feed your...

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